Prostate cancer metastasis radiology, Neuroendocrine cancer lung small cell

Neuroendocrine cancer lungs prognosis Neuroendocrine cancer lungs prognosis.

Grenier, Amazon. In total there are 22 chapters in this book.

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It is written essentially in note form with copious use of summary tables. The quality of the illustrations is very good. The orientation of this groundbreaking publication is entirely practical, in that the focus is on issues relating to cancer management.

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Text is kept to a minimum, reducing the effort involved in reading while enhancing understanding. Detailed guidelines are provided for multidisciplinary cancer management as well as for radiation therapy techniques. In addition to the attention-riveting algorithms for diagnosis and treatment, strategies for the management of disease at individual stages are detailed for all the commonly diagnosed malignancies.

Detailed attention is given to the core evidence that has shaped the current treatment standards and advanced radiation therapy techniques.

Moreover, radiation techniques, including treatment planning and delivery, are also presented in an illustrative way. Caracteristici An up-to-date reference prostate cancer metastasis radiology that will enable radiation oncologists, including those in training, to make diagnostic and treatment decisions effectively and efficiently Conveys knowledge using an illustrative approach involving algorithms, schemas, graphics, and tables Documents management strategies at individual stages for all commonly diagnosed malignancies Provides detailed guidelines for radiation therapy.

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