Prostatitis worse in morning

prostatitis worse in morning

This paper introduces a drug into our English Materia Medica which deserves a place foremost among our polychrests. Aristolochia is one of the oldest medicinal herbs.

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It has been used in ancient Egypt, in medieval Europe, as well as by the aborigines of the Americas, particularly against snake bites.

The name which the Egyptians gave it is "anti-snake. It also has had a widespread use in popular medicine as a vulnerary. In animal experiments, carried out by Madaus in Germany, it proved effective against experimental gas gangrene infection.

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This effect seems to be due to an increase of the defensive forces of the organism since no bacteriostatic action in vitro could be demonstrated. Toxicologically, it causes menorrhagia, abortion, haemorrhagic nephritis, gastroenteritis, fatty degeneration of the liver and internal prostatitis worse in morning and capillary haemorrhages; it also effects the central nervous system, producing nausea, dizziness and convulsions.

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Systematic provings upon healthy individuals were carried out by Julius Mezger of Stuttgart, Germany. The following presentation is based upon Mezger's symptomatology.

Some amplifications are added based upon my own clinical experiences with the drug. Wherever they occur they are specially marked as such by asterisks.

Its hallmark is the acute onset of lower urinary tract symptoms e.

The main directions of action of our drug are: 1. Urinary tract irritation, inflammation, cystitis, pyelitis, polyuria. The female genital tract ovary, amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea, hypomenorrhea, delayed menarche, menopausal arthritis, pregnancy, unguent uretrita, sterility.

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Male genital tract prostatitis and epididymitis, G. Gastrointestinal tract colitis, diarrhea with tenesmus and feeling of unfinishedness ; similar to Mercury. Vulnerary infected wounds, blisters from mechanical causes drowning, riding, etc.

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Skin chronic and acute eczemas, dermatitis, infections and ulcerations. Veins varicose veins, phlebitis. Nose and sinuses. The medicine strikes us as a hybrid of Sepia, Pulsatilla and Arnica, if it is permitted at all to express something new, different and unknown in terms of something already familiar. This should not cause us to use the drug as a combination medicine, so to say, when we fail to differentiate between Sepia and Pulsatilla; remembering those related medicines may help us to grasp the spirit of the new substance by relating it to something already well prostatitis worse in morning.

The physical symptoms bear a striking resemblance to Pulsatilla. The mentals and the personality type seem nearer to Sepia.

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Mentals and personality type. In some provers there was depression; in other instances, an existing depression became markedly prostatitis worse in morning and yielded to a rather cheerful mood particularly before the menstruation.

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Among my own patients observed so far, the striking observation was the prevalence of extremes of moods, namely either a marked depression or a rather forced or unreasonable exhilaration and cheerfulness, even in alternation. Also found were extreme states of extroversion or introversion in the same person. We may be tempted to classify the Aristolochia type as characterized by emotional instability of the manic depressive kind.

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Tearful depression, fear of people rather than the active spiteful aversion of peopleeasily offended, hypersensitive, lack of self confidence, complaints of anticipation? They are not easily comforted like Pulsatilla but rather inconsolable and cross when in the depression, yet not actively aggravated by consolation like Sepia. Depression improved with return of suppressed menstruation after hysterectomy.

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General symptoms. Extreme chilliness not better by external heat. Insatiable hunger. Great exhaustion with dizziness and chilliness not relieved by outer warmth.

Extreme hunger in spite of indigestion. Tendency to cold extremities and bunions. Amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea, suppressed menses, weak and short menses.

Poor circulation and local congestion venous.

Prostata tratament naturist

The patient is extremely chilly and most local symptoms are better from local heat and worse from cold particularly the facial neuralgia, toothache and cough. However, the headache and coryza are better from cool air and cool applications. In turn the whole patient desires and is better by cool air, better from motion, better from onset of any discharge; worse before menses and better with onset of menses; the general aggravation is in the morning upon rising and at A.