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The purpose of this study was to provide construct validity for a modified questionnaire in order to determine the self-reported competency for underlying sub-constructs in ASD, make inferences on perceived competence in ASD based on a sample of Romanian physicians, and identify physicians' characteristics associated with these sub-domains of competency.

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Exploratory factor analysis on 12 knowledge questions revealed five sub-domains: prostate prevention medication, potential causes, children's behavior, misconceptions, and educational needs associated with ASD knowledge. Using General Linear Models, we determined physicians' characteristics that predict the total competency score and various competency sub-scores. However, the total score was not associated with the variables associated with sub-domains.

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The lack of significant association of the knowledge of physicians on ASD neither with the Psychiatry nor the Pediatric ward rotations at medical school may support the need for improving the curriculum on ASD in Romanian medical schools.