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Andreny Karoly nr. Histopathological diagnosis of PCa can be established by transrectal ultrasound-guided TRUS biopsy after an abnormal finding in digital rectal examination or finding an increased value of prostate specific antigen PSA in the blood.

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the correlation between PSA level and Gleason score, in order to predict prostate cancer aggressiveness at time of diagnosis.

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Keywords: prostate, cancer, PSA, Gleason, score. References: 1.

unde sunt durerile de prostatita cum se vindeca prostatita congestivă

Cancer statistics, CA Cancer J Clin. Recent trends in incidence of five common cancers in 26 European countries since analysis of the European Cancer Observatory.

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Eur J Cancer. EAU american urological association guidelines prostate cancer on prostate cancer. Eur Urol.

Each question concerning urinary symptoms allows the patient to choose one out of six answers indicating increasing severity of the particular symptom. The answers are assigned points from 0 to 5. The total score can therefore range from 0 to 35 asymptomatic to very symptomatic. The questions refer to the following urinary symptoms: Questions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Symptom Incomplete emptying Frequency Intermittency Urgency Weak Stream Straining Nocturia Question eight refers to the patients perceived quality of life.

Pepe P, Pennisi M, Gleason score stratification according to age at diagnosis, Cancer statistics, Ioiart I. Prostata, Vol. I, nr. Alan Wein A, et al.

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Campbell-Walsh Urology 11th Edition. Elsevier, Population-based assessment of prostate-specific antigen testing for prostate cancer in the elderly. Urol Oncol. American Urological Association.

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